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Articles and commentary about the ALBA Monument

* San Francisco Chronicle
War Heroes' late Honor: U.S. finally salutes troops who fought Franco, decades after they were bloodied, blacklisted
Juliana Barbassa, Associated Press - April 27, 2008

As Spain shrugs off the last cobwebs of Gen. Francisco Franco's fascist regime 70 years after it hatched amid civil war, Americans are also looking back, honoring their own who fought there and the ideals for which they stood.

 * San Francisco Chronicle
Monument to Lincoln Brigade unveiled
Cecilia M. Vega and Carl Nolte - March 31, 2008

David Smith was a young college student with no military training when he shipped off to Spain to fight in the brutal Spanish Civil War.

On Sunday, a throng of Bay Area history buffs gave him a standing ovation and shouted "Viva Dave!" as the now-92-year-old Berkeley resident teared up and pumped his fist in the air at the unveiling of San Francisco's newest public monument: a memorial to soldiers who fought in the lost war more than six decades ago.

* San Francisco Chronicle
Memorial first in U.S. for Lincoln Brigade
Carl Nolte - March 29, 2008

San Francisco's newest public monument - a memorial to soldiers who fought in a lost war long ago - is to be unveiled in a public ceremony at 1 p.m. Sunday.

The monument honors veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Americans who fought in Spain against the forces of Gen. Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War. About 2,800 Americans fought against Franco's forces in an international force - the celebrated Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

* Examiner
Spanish Civil War monument proposed
Joshua Sabatini - November 6, 2006

The latest piece of public art on San Francisco Port land will likely stand 7 feet high and span 30 feet, honoring the Bay Area Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

The San Francisco Port Commission is expected to vote Nov. 14 on whether to allow the artwork’s installation near the east wall of the Vaillancourt Fountain at Justin Herman Plaza. It would be only the third monument to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the United States.

* Port of San Francisco
Abraham Lincoln Brigade monument meeting minutes
Waterfront Design Advisory Committee, April 18, 2006