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Adding a new exhibit

To add a new exhibit, first go to the Exhibits folder in the navigation.

Click Add New - > Exhibit folder.  This will be the container for your exhibit.  Complete the form - the body text and image that you enter here will show up as the summary for the exhibit.  You can select the exhibit type at the bottom of the page - use control-click to select multiple catagories.

Now go to the folder you've just created in the navigation and click Add New - > Exhibit page.  You can add as many exhibit pages as you want to the exhibit folder.

Once you've created all the pages, you need to set the default (ie first) page of the exhibit.  To do this, first go to the Exhibit folder you created above.  The click the Display menu (to the upper right) and choose "Select content item as default view"  A window will open where you can pick the first page.

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