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Biagio Gabriele
Gabriele, Biagio. b. 1895, Italian American; Peasant and Barber. Sources: CPC, Anarchist; Italian, AICVAS.
Lino Galas
Galas, Lino. (Alfio Galas), b. February 10, 1911, Belguim, Belgian, Single, Iron worker, CP 1938, Served with the XII BDE, 3rd BN, Co. 1, All information is from “Alfio Galas.” Sources: RA. Photograph: Lino Galas in Spain, RA Fond 545, Opis ...
Alberto Galassi
Galassi, Alberto. Italian American. Sources: RA, CPC, Italian, AICVAS.
Harry Edward Gale
Gale, Harry Edward. B. August 21, 1905, Louisville, Kentucky; Single; Party Organizer, CP March 1935 and Spanish CP; 212 Franklin Street, Trenton, New Jersey, Served with the XV BDE, British BN; Albaceate Auto Park, Assistant to the Administrator,...
Kenneth Gale
k-Gale, Kenneth. (Hyman Lerner, Gayle), b. August 21, 1905 Louisville, Kentucky, Single, Laborer and Party Organizer, CP March 1935 and Spanish CP, Arrived in Spain on May 31, 1937, Served with the Albacete Auto Park, Assistant to Administrator, SIM...
Milton Meyer Gale
Annibale (Humberto) Galleani
Galleani, Annibale. (Humberto, Umberto, Enotrio Greco), Italian American, Married, Lawyer, Italian Socialist Party 1907, CP of Italy 1921 and CP USA 1935, 49 yrs. old, Served with the Garibaldis as Adjutant Commander, then to US for a propaganda tou...
Germina Galleani
Galleani, Germina. Italian American; Married wife of Annibale Galleani, Saleswoman; CP 1922; Arrived in Spain November 11, 1937; Albacete. Sources: Cadre, Italian.
Domingo Gamis y Cabrera
Gamiz y Cabrera, Domingo. b. August 4, 1892, Havana, Cuba; African American; Elementary Education; Served in the Cuban Army, 4 years (1913-17), Coastal Artillery, Medic, rank Sergeant; Single (Married in Spain?); Cook and Former baseball player; Cl...
William Gandall
Gandall, William. (Wild Bill), Taxi driver, CP 1934 and Spanish CP, received passport# 358978 on December 29, 1936 which listed his address as 335 East 13th Street, and 153 West 64th Street, both NYC, 30 yrs. old, Sailed January 16, 1937 aboard the ...
Andres Menandes Garcia
k-Garcia, Andres Menandes. (Menendez, André), b. 1900, Austuria, Spain; Spanish Canadian with US Passport; WWI served in the US Navy; CPC; Domicil Montreal; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln Battalion; KIA February 27, 1937, Jarama. Source: Canadia...
Angel Garcia
Garcia, Angel. b. December 19, 1904, Santiago, Cuba, to the US 1925 (illegal immigrant?); Afro-Cuban American; Primary school education; Single; Cook and Seaman; YCL and CP 1937; Domicile NYC; Arrived in Spain February 17, 1937; Served with the Vt...
Frank Garcia
k-Garcia, Frank. (Franco Garcia Manuel), Listed as Executed on February 24, 1938. Sources: Ross.
Jesus Garcia
k-Garcia, Jesus. Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, rank Soldado, KIA April 1, 1938 Gandesa, during the Retreats. Sources: BN 58 Retreats.
Vasquez Ramon Garcia
Harry Garcia
Garcia, Harry. (Henry), Baker, 28 yrs. old, Arrived in Spain on February 12, 1938, Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, MG Company, rank NCO. Sources: RA (under Henry Garcia).
Samuel Garcia Gonzalez
k-Garcia Gonzalez, Samuel. b. March 26, 1910, Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, rank Soldado, KIA April 3, 1938 Gandesa, during the Retreats. Sources: BN 58 Retreats.
Marshall Garcia Menendez
Garcia Menendez, Marshall. b. August 15, 1900, Austurias, Spain, Spanish American, POW, Divorced, received passport# 26179 San Francisco series on April 2, 1937 which listed his address as 1089 Grand Vista, Los Angeles, California, and Canton Ohio, ...
Andre Garcia Menendez
Benjamin Gardner
Gardner, Ben. (Pobersky, Benjamin; Ludwig, Benjamin), b. September 10, 1907, Ukraine, Russia, to the US in 1923; Russian American, Jewish, Prior service US Army, National Guard, 125th Field Artillery, 1928-29, Married, Painter; YCL 1926-1930, CP 192...
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