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Simone (Jardino) Iardino
Iardino, Simone (Jardino). Italian American. Source: Italian, AICVAS.
Benjamin Isaac Iceland
Iceland, Benjamin Isaac. Single; Social Worker; American Labor Party; CP 1934 unit organizer; received passport# 435169 on June 7, 1937 which listed his address as 735 Mace Avenue and 3952 48th Street both Bronx, Long Island, New York; 28 years old; ...
Walter B. Iczek
Iczek, Walter B. Never in Spain; Sailed August 22, 1938 aboard the Normandie, Arrested in France, served two months in Jail and then deported to US was travelling with Vernold Masten Beebe, James Garrett, Marshall Hartzell, Willam Joseph Holland, Ber...
Andre Iduarte
Iduarte, Andre. Puerto Rican?No Information. Source: No information.
Destruye Iglesias Pardo
Iglesias Pardo, Destruye. POW; Domicile Tampa, Florida; Captured March 10, 1938, Belchite, during the Retreats. Source: RA (under Pardo, Iglesias).
Boris Ignatuk
k-Ignatuk, Boris. Single, Seaman, YCL 1937; Received passport# 477217 on September 21, 1937 which listed his address as 608 West 135th Street, NYC (942 Legget Avenue, Bronx, New York); 21 years old, Sailed September 25, 1937 aboard the Laconia; Arr...
Vaino Armas Ihalainen
Ihalainen, Vaino Armas. (Eino Ihalainen), b. December 5, 1910, Finland, Finnish, Seaman (1928), Domicile Spencer, New York; Served with the XV IB, Washington BN, MG Co.; Lincoln-Washington BN, MG Co.; Brunete; transferred to English BN, MG Co.; la...
Jerome Indra
Indra, Jerome. (Jerry Jaroslav), b. February 10, 1914, St. Louis, Missouri; High school education, 3 years service in the US Army; Single, Pilot and Driver; CP 1934 and member IWO, received passport# 367876 on February 17, 1937 which listed his addr...
Robert Zane Ingalls
Ingalls, Robert Zane. (Ingals), b. February 28, 1918 Spokane, Washington (Vilson, North Dakota), High school education, Single, Automobile mechanic and Driver; CP 1934; received passport# 453215 on June 29, 1937 which listed his address as 1320 E ...
John Henry Inget
k-Inget, John Henry. Married; Received passport# 139490 on July 31, 1934 which listed his address as 26 West 18th Street, NYC, 28 years old; Sailed May 1, 1937 aboard the Britannic; Died after the City of Barcelona was torpedoed on May 30, 1937. ...
William Isaak
Isaak, William. b. Switzerland; Swiss citizen living in US, Domicile Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 33 years old; Arrived in Spain on April 5, 1937. Source: SACB, RA.
Robert Woodrow Isenberg
Isenberg, Robert Woodrow. b. March 4, 1913 Huntingden, Pennsylvania; Single; Seaman; Received passport# 454355 on July 22, 1937 which listed his address as 503 West 23rd Street, NYC and 502 A Middle Avenue, Wilmerding, Pennsylvania; Sailed July 28...